Welcome to MASIWELA 2.0

It started out as a great year. I got engaged, gave birth to my beautiful daughter and my somewhat quiet house become a home to my new blended family. Pure bliss. And then the coronavirus pandemic came along, and everything changed. Like the rest of the world, I unexpectedly found myself in lockdown. “It is […]

Why you should never stop marketing

Marketing is all about connection. Social connection. The idea of connecting with what people are interested in. What people are connected to, rather than disrupting what they are interested in. Something advertising and marketing has traditionally done. MASIWELA combines our expertise in the spheres of creating connection through events and experiences, and applies that knowledge […]

MASIWELA experiences

We live in an Experience Economy. A dramatic shift from the Consumerism Economy birthed in the 1980s. Why? Because connection matters.  Connection to ourselves. Connection to others. Connection to purpose. Connection is at the heart of every experience that deeply moves and shapes us. We live in a world where we prefer great questions to […]