kykNET 20th Birthday Celebration


KykNET celebrated their 20th birthday in 2019. The brief was to put together a celebration that friends and family of kykNET from the past 20 years could join and reminisce with each other over created memories.

The celebration was focused on the celebration side of things with fewer formalities. The aim of the event was to have a good time, WOW the guests and celebrate all the achievements of the last 20 years.


We came up the theme for the event – Cirque Du kykNET. An experiential extravaganza was created with elements of surprise happening throughout the celebration evening. From the venue to decor, menu, entertainment and bespoke take home gifts, every detail was taken care of.

We launched the event with a live polo match where the competing teams were dressed in kykNET colours and competed as the sun went down. Guests cheering them on from the side-lines.

The main stage entertainment was especially special, it consisted of strength acts, high rise balancing acts and LED poi dancers. A celebratory cake parade as well as fire dancers were also added the list!

A timeline photo opportunity tunnel was created on entrance so that guests had to walk through the ages to get to the celebration.


This event was about celebrating. With all the formalities and content creation having preceded the event on channel during the previous week, this event was aimed at saying thank you to everyone who has contributed to the kykNET brand over the past 20 years. 

This meant the focus was heavily placed on guests enjoying themselves and having a good time. This was achieved by carefully spacing out elements throughout the evening to keep the guests entertained and interactive. This ranged from roaming entertainment, various serving time of the food, gifts at the end of the evening and continual good service and music playing throughout the day.