Like the rest of the world, we face the phenomenon that is Covid-19. The mark in history that has brought home the interdependent nature of our world, the importance of connection and interconnection.

Ubuntu becomes more than a concept in the face of Covid-19.

I truly am who I am because of who we all are. Because of what we all do. Because of how we all do what we do.

Through Connection.

In the wake of Covid-19’s passage, we’ve seen tribes come together. People looking out for one another. Connecting with one another. Making an effort to contribute. Making sacrifices for the benefit of each other. For the benefit of us all. For the greater good of our world.

There’s a beautiful quote, ‘Life takes us unexpected places. Love brings us home.’

Covid-19 has brought us home. Back to the places where we belong. Family. Tribe. Community.

At Masiwela, we have recognised that the old way of doing things is no longer. It will never be the same again. We will have a whole new normal.

Whilst our recovery plan requires us to be apart. Initially. We recognize that contact isn’t the same as Connection. Contact recruits the physical. Connection recruits much more than this, all forms, across all spheres.

It is a shared vision, mission and purpose that binds us. A belief that the world we’re creating is infinitely better than the one that we have left behind.

Established as a traditional event management company with marketing and brand activation capabilities, the past few weeks have seen us build on these foundations and begin the process of reinventing ourselves to become the tip of the spear to take us forward. For our clients. For our people.

The world must reinvent itself.

At Masiwela, we have elected to play our part in this reinvention.

By focusing on ‘The Social Connection’ – the real value of all engagement in the new normal of a world that we are going to live in.

Watch this space.

With my love & greatest respect,

Judith Goddard

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