Welcome to MASIWELA 2.0

It started out as a great year. I got engaged, gave birth to my beautiful daughter and my somewhat quiet house become a home to my new blended family. Pure bliss.

And then the coronavirus pandemic came along, and everything changed.

Like the rest of the world, I unexpectedly found myself in lockdown. “It is only 21 days; we can do this” was our daily mantra. But then 21 days turned into various stages of lockdown and the world that I was used to has permanently changed.

I live for unexpected design, unique experiences, and seamless production and this PAUSE allowed me the opportunity to create, innovate and inspire.


Mid-lockdown, I found myself, with my baby girl, Isabella sitting on my lap, doing an exercise (inspired by Pepe Marais of Joe Public), to find out what the being word to our business was.

Pepe believes that the most important aspect of business is to realise what its purpose is and once you have clearly defined this, will you be able to build the matrixes and measures that will enable you to manifest this purpose. I wanted to find this and to rebuild MASIWELA on this.

I found it and in doing so, a great wave of clarity came over me. The being word of our business is two-part; to create and to connect.

This inspired our rebrand – MASIWELA, creating connection. From concept creation to execution, we combine seasoned knowledge with inspiration. Cohesive creativity is our touchstone, where no detail goes unconsidered.

The idea, the creative, the communication, the people, the purpose, the place, the event, the experience, the connection, all combine to create an experience as unique as you are. Whether it is a virtual, hybrid or real-life experiences, MASIWELA is here for you.

We are so proud to share the new MASIWELA.   

A very big thank you to the support that we have behind us. We are fortunate to have a very strong tribe that makes up MASIWELA. To name a few, the magic and mastermind behind our creative, the elusive Gingerbread Kid; Ashleigh Rowley, our most dedicated, hard-working and loyal team member and then Richard, my endearing, extremely entertaining and very encouraging husband to be.

So, who are we and what do we do? We are MASIWELA and we are a creative events agency.

And where are we going? The sky is the limit.

The team cannot wait to help you create your next connection.