Why you should never stop marketing

Marketing is all about connection. Social connection.

The idea of connecting with what people are interested in. What people are connected to, rather than disrupting what they are interested in. Something advertising and marketing has traditionally done.

MASIWELA combines our expertise in the spheres of creating connection through events and experiences, and applies that knowledge and specialised skillset into creating connection, social connection with your brand. Your vision. Your purpose.

We design, create and execute marketing initiatives that align your product and service value propositions with the values and intention of your target audience. 

We create authentic business stories that resonate and connect with customers, converting conversations into collaboration and brand touchpoints into social connections.

In a media world consumed by reach, likes and vanity metrics, MASIWELA remains laser focused on creating and leveraging social connection. Designing, creating and executing compelling campaigns that convert audiences into communities. 


Covid-19 has forced us to revisit the concept of rampant consumerism. To assess what our priorities are and how our consumer behaviour has impacted our environment, our communities and our own families. It’s forced us to reconsider what truly matters to us and connect with purpose. Intention.

The world has evolved so much since March 2020, yet the principles and values which are primary drivers in people’s lives remain the same. Connection. Social Connection.

We no longer connect with ‘things’. Materialism. We connect with experiences. The experience economy. 

MASIWELA is in a class of our own when it comes to designing and creating experiences that deliver significant returns on experience investment. We’ve grown up in the hospitality industry. The people business.

It’s what differentiates us from marketing companies who have traditionally focused on selling products and services. 

We couldn’t be more different from Marketing Automation if we tried. We’re all about Marketing intention. Connection. Social Connection.

The human touch. Hospitality. Community.



Our marketing services fit the same categories as anything you would expect in a dynamic marketing and management consultancy, but the content of their character differs a great deal. We may both build websites, but MASIWELA specialises in creating connection through digital platforms.

We may both offer graphic design, but MASIWELA specialise in the Art of connection. Design with purpose. Design that connects. The difference between a handwritten invitation to a special event versus a flyer left on your windscreen.

Invitation. Respect. Social Connection.

If you’re going digital in response to covid and are looking to effectively market your webinars, digital marketing initiatives and content marketing drives, connect with us and find out how we can convert campaigns into connections.