M-Net Media Showcase


Organise a two-day event to showcase M-Net’s upcoming content to the Media using the theme ‘An Investigation of Love’.


We created an FBI investigation of Love extravaganza! Over two days, we hosted 13 events in 1. Hosting 80 media and 20 staff members, we scheduled an action-packed itinerary that showcased the channel’s content in a fun and exciting way. The event was held at Gold Reef City which lent itself very well to the theme as we had an array of different locations to use for the various activations. 

Macfarlane Moleli was our lead FBI agent and Lani Lombard (Head of Publicity) was the Head of the FBI, the media were then all investigators assigned the case of solving the ‘Investigation of Love’. They were split up into groups and assigned various tasks over the two days. 

Alongside the formal content presentations and panel discussions, activations ranged from a self-defense class to a cocktail party with Lee Thomson (The Bachelor South Africa Season 1), we also hosted a champagne and Turkish delight tasting, a make-up and stylist session, a HIIT training session and an FBI graduation ceremony. 


The experience was very impactful with several the media saying that it was their best Showcase to date. Attention to detail was imperative and we ensured that we brought this together by creating a multi-sensory experience as we executed every element of this event.