MASIWELA experiences

We live in an Experience Economy. A dramatic shift from the Consumerism Economy birthed in the 1980s. Why? Because connection matters. 

Connection to ourselves. Connection to others. Connection to purpose.

Connection is at the heart of every experience that deeply moves and shapes us. We live in a world where we prefer great questions to good answers. Where the joy, creativity and enthusiasm that are generated in the quest to solve complex, significant problems beats being given the solution. 

A new era that has embraced learning, skills development and mastery as the path to happiness. The ability to create. The opportunity to collaborate. The gift of enthusiasm and passion where the process proves more rewarding than the destination.

The magic of connection is the glue that binds curiosity, transformation and creativity.

The heart and soul of Experience.

The Opportunity

The ‘Global State of the Workplace’ 2019 survey conducted by the Gallup Organisation reveals that 85% of employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged. 

Disengaged means people who are unproductive, dissatisfied and/or actively looking for another job. Actively disengaged means sabotaging projects, people and processes within the organisation.

According to Gallup, engaged employees are “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace”. 

According to the survey, only 15% of your workforce feel this way.

Words like Connection and Experience can feel warm and fuzzy at times. Yet it is the absence of connection in our workplaces that is leading to disengagement. 

A ‘feeling’ that leads to trillions of US dollars in lost productivity and lost opportunity every year.

Why does experience matter?

Harvard Business Review report that 58% of people trust a stranger more than they trust their boss. OC Tanner report that 79% of people leave an organisation citing ‘lack of appreciation’ as the primary reason. The list goes on.

So why don’t managers tackle these issues? Because many of them simply don’t know how to. Forbes report that just under 60% of managers have never received management training. They were promoted on the back of being great at the job they were initially hired to do.

Managers account for 70% of variance in Employee Engagement scores across business units, according to the Gallup Organisation. It isn’t a lack of desire or willingness to engage and lead effectively, it is an inability to do so.

MASIWELA is fuelled by a vision to Create Connection. A purpose to bring people together, to actively create experiences that fuel connection, experience and a deep sense of appreciation. A sense that your team matter. That what they do counts. That who they are is incredibly valuable.

Our company was built on the foundation of creating memorable experiences that inspire connection, creativity and collaboration. Covid-19 and the global lockdowns have brought an opportunity for us to reset, reconnect and recalibrate.

We must do so. Africa must reinvent herself into a global powerhouse of creativity and productivity. The world must reinvent itself into a creative, collaborative hub that empowers people to do meaningful work in meaningful ways.

To build meaningful relationships within the workplace and with local and international partners.

We are inspired to be the tip of that transformation spear. To leverage our knowledge, experience and significant expertise in the Hospitality and Event Management industry to help companies create intense, actively loyalty from both customers and employees.

To create experiences that actively transform people into inspired, creative and collaborative teams that embrace a culture of interdependent, connected and high-performance engagement. Engagement that leads to valuable work that solves complex problems.

We may not be able to cross borders, but we are able to transcend them.

MASIWELA is committed to leading the Digital Transformation that empowers greater collaboration, engagement and connection within organisations, great and small, around the world. To build digital bridges that bring us closer together. That connect the future and the present. That create connection.