A digital portal referred to as IdeaNation, was being launched to the business. The portal was designed to get employees to identify and communicate IDEAS that could be introduced to the business.

MASIWELA was tasked to take the employees on an experiential journey that firstly introduced the portal, secondly, got their creative juices flowing and finally, announced the prize for the top solutions submitted to the platform.  


We built four different stations, each with a different educational element to IdeaNation. At registration, they received a wireless set of bluetooth headphones, they then put these on so that they could silently experience the journey they where about to embark on.

Each station consisted of a different décor set up, a communication that was sent through the headphones, an activity and finally a Q&A session.

Did we forget to mention the photo opportunity? There always has to be a photo opportunity!

On completion of the journey, employees collected a goodie bag as we all love a goodie bag and were on their way.


Engagement. Getting the staff actively involved in a learning experience through dynamically bringing the pieces of the puzzle together. There was nothing boring about this event! There never is on our events!